01. Misery Is The River Of The World

02. Everything Goes to Hell

03. Coney Island Baby

04. All The World Is Green

05. God's Away On Business

06. Another Man's Vine

07. Knife Chase

08. Lullaby

09. Starving In The Belly Of A Whale

10. The Part You Throw Away

11. Woe

12. Calliope

13. A Good Man Is Hard To Find


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Blood Money
Tom Waits (ANTI-)

"The higher that the monkey can climb
The more he shows his tail...
If there's one thing you can say
About mankind
There's nothing kind about man
You can drive out nature with a pitch fork
But it always comes roaring back again"
(Misery Is The River Of The World)

Blood Money is etched. It's scratched out in bold, dark lines with marimba, trumpet and bass clarinet and contains some of Tom Waits most memorable melodies. The songs are declarative, sardonic, unforgiving, musical dispatches from the bottom of the heap.

"Blood Money is flesh and bone, earthbound," said Waits. "The songs are rooted in reality: jealousy, rage, the human meat wheel...They are more carnal. I like a beautiful song that tells you terrible things. We all like bad news out of a pretty mouth. I like songs to sound as though they've been aging in a barrel and distressed."

"Life is whittled
Life's a riddle
Man's a fiddle that life plays on
When the day breaks and the earth quakes
Life's a mistake a...




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No: #86629

US Rel. Date: 05/07/2002

EU Rel. Date: 05/07/2002

Type: Full


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