01. Head First

02. In Cold Blood

03. I Confess

04. Trouble

05. Dirty Pool

06. I Wanna Die Like Elvis Did

07. Choke on It

08. Hard to Tell

09. Get Your Gun

10. Creep

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Head First
Little Kings

Picuture a psycho Lux Interior kind of vocal on top of a twanging AC/DC inspired guitar onlsaught and you've got the sleaziest, most undiluted slab of unabashededly trashy rock 'n' roll to ever stagger out of a Hollywood after hours club. 10 tracks that combine elements of punk, rockabilly and metal to create one hell of a ride. One of the earliest Epitaph releases (1989), Head First was produced by Brett Gurewitz.


No: #86403

US Rel. Date: 01/01/1989

Type: Full


User Comments

Average Fan Rating: 5.00




This is the best album to ever come out of the city of Hollywood CA! There is not a bad song on here! 30 full minutes of Kick ass music! I really wish that these guys were still around. I first received the cassette by mail, but a few days ago, I got the CD off of amazon. This is highly recomended for ANYONE, reguardless of anything! m/



20 years since i heard this unbelievable band in an archaic audio cassette... I really need to hear it again!! We need the CD!!



Little Kings on myspace

The Little Kings now have a myspace

[Open Link]

Would really be great of Epitaph would re-release the Headfirst CD, or at least put it on itunes. We get requests!



Little Kings - Head...

Bought this on imort in the UK - Its just the best straight to it no messing. Clocks in at about 30 minutes - Brilliant. I just wish you would re-release it on CD as I only have the vinyl version.

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