01. Stranger In The House

02. Back When Dogs Could Talk

MP303. Revolution In Apt. 29

04. Down On The Ground

05. Shining Mr. Lincoln's Shoes

06. Dope For Democracy

07. No Easy Way Out

08. You Don't Know My Name

09. Count Time

MP310. Snatched Defeat

11. Doing The Work

12. A Farewell To Whiskey


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Citizen Wayne
Wayne Kramer

Soon to come...


No: #86488

US Rel. Date: 05/06/1997

EU Rel. Date: 05/06/1997

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews
The Onion

Joe Garden

Brother Wayne Kramer---former guitarist for the Detroit-based prophets of acid-rock and foot soldiers of punk in MC5---has been a charity case for Epitaph...


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