MP301. Billy Boy

02. Dogma

03. Trigger Ed

04. Stars and Hormones

05. 5150

06. Substance Of Joy

07. My Generation

08. Ruck N' Roll Retro

09. Sir Harris At Large

10. My Word My Way

11. Whispers Of Fun

12. In And Out

13. From What I Last Heard

14. Our Blue East Side


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Obligations To The Odd
Voice Of A Generation

Named after a song by the early 80's Oi! band, Blitz; Voice Of A Generation have taken all of the positive aspects of the worldwide Oi! movement and given it a swift kick to the backside with their youthful energy. Sham 69, the Cockney Rejects and The Business all come to mind as VOAG have powerful guitar led melodies and instantly catchy terrace style choruses. Mix that with the humor of the likes of the Test Tubes and the Toy Dolls and you have the ultimate e Oi/streetpunk band - saying what they believe with a grin on their face and tunes that you just can't get out of your head. Hard, fast and in your face, Voice Of A Generation are not manufactured rebels but the real thing.


No: #82010

US Rel. Date: 01/23/2001

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews
Unrestrained Magazine

Paul Silbiger

With a serious tip of the hat to Rancid and the whole street punk revival, these boys from Sweden follow in the footsteps first lain by The Business and...


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