01. Whatever

02. Waiting for the Catering

03. L.A.P.D.

04. Lonely and Burning

MP305. About Me

06. Beautifull Nation

07. Waste of Time

08. Lipsdick Fantasies

09. Cyber Century

10. Wind in our Sales

11. What You Stand For

12. Is She Really Going Out With Him

13. Bed to the Bar

MP314. Cheap Success

15. Extinct Family


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Sound City Burning

Undeclinable have been around since the beginning of the nineties. They made their mark during those years as Holland's leading punk band and will be around for quite some time. In some strange way they have managed to mature without losing their original spirit. They're still punkrock. No doubt about that. Now, with a glorious album to show the world, they're willing to admit they're pop too. There's no denying that either. These guys deliver the pop thing brilliantly, but still rock out as hell. Listen to their version of Joe Jackson's Is She Really Going Out With Him, the single that accompanies this great album. You'll be convinced. That's Undeclinable, the best of two worlds. At least of ours...


No: #6610

EU Rel. Date: 03/28/2001

Type: Full


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This will be an Epitaph Europe release only. Melodic punk rock from this Dutch (Den Bosch) punkrock band, founded in 1992. The Undeclinable are back with...


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