01. That's Life

02. Orange Crunch

MP303. Jaks

04. Warstoryville

05. 12/25

06. Outta Touch

07. U.S. Of Hate

MP308. War Birth

09. Hand Me The Downs

10. Rocks In Memphis

11. Beetle Boot

12. Her & Me

13. Don't Need You

14. No Company Town


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War Birth
U.S. Bombs

It has often been said that Bombs front man Duane Peters is the punkest man ever to have lived. When Tim Armstrong decided to start a label it is no wonder that he turned to the Bombs as one of the first bands that he wanted to sign-up. Warbirth is a vicious spit and sweat punk rock record served up 77' style. This album is the sonic equivalent to a middle finger.


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No: #80404

US Rel. Date: 09/23/1997

EU Rel. Date: 09/23/1997

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews

Alex Rud

I have been into US Bombs for a few years now, ever since I heard them on the first "Give 'Em The Boot" comp. Since then I've heard them on a few compilations,...


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