01. The Hives - Declare Nucleaire

MP302. Die, All Right!!!

03. A Get Together To Tear It Apart

MP304. Main Offender

05. Outsmarted

06. Hate To Say I Told You So

07. The Hives - Introudce The Mertric System

08. Find Another Girl

09. Statecontrol

10. Inspection Wise 1999

11. Knock Knock

12. Supply And Demand


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Veni, Vidi, Vicious
The Hives

Rousing, stompin' garage rock from these Swedes, with plenty of mod and frantic punk energy to keep you grooving along. "Party Party!" they seem to be saying, and you just want to join. This is definite change-up from the usual hyperspeed pop-ska-punk dross offered on Epitaph. Perhaps this arises from the fact that these guys are only distributed on Epitaph and yet are actually on the Burning Heart imprint. Plenty of fuzzed, struttin', propulsive guitar work on this disc to assault your ears. Well worth your time to take a spin. More records like this need to exist.
-Jeremy Salmon


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No: #82005

US Rel. Date: 09/12/2000

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews

Jason Josephes

Amazon.com American punk rock seems to get more watered down with each passing year. Leave it to the Swedes to remind the USA that we were once the home...



Jenny Eliscu

**** (4 Stars) If the success of Sweden's Hives proves anything, it's that balls-out garage rock is evergreen. The stylized sounds on the newly rereleased...


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