01. Takers And Users

MP302. Guiness Boys

03. Steal This Record

04. Code Red

05. Hate K.D.

06. Belmarsh

07. Boys Are Out Tonight

08. Class Compromise (...History's Glory)

MP309. No Mercy For You

10. Gangland

11. Oi The Poet

12. Ghetto Youth

13. Always

14. Anarchy In The Streets

15. U Won't Change Me

16. Hell 2 Pay


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No Mercy For You
The Business

All ripping, riffing hardcore, fist in the air, boots to the bum, and lungs shouting out the anthemic choruses. The rise of the new school has merely buffed their edges, the melodies are now a bit stronger, the hooks more barbed, but the basic attitude remains unchanged. The group still have the capacity to be outraged by events happening around them, and, although many of their themes are provincial, "Guinness Boys" and "Gangland" both dissect working class and, more specifically, East End life, they definitely have a universal appeal.
-Jo-Anne Greene


The Punks v. Psychos tour gets another... More



No: #82018

US Rel. Date: 07/10/2001

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews
Winnipeg Sun


Tracks like "Guinness Boys" and "Takers & Users" have all the choppy, ringing guitars and East End terrace-chant bravado of first-wave punk, while the...


206 Records Zine


The British punk rockers are back with this sixteen song serving of brit-rock animosity, picking up right where the last release left off. There's plenty...


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