01. The Getaway

02. Hammering Out The Details

MP303. Another Half Apology

04. This Is But A Test

05. Another Year Goes By

06. Nothing To Lose

07. I Got Your Letter

08. Officer I Swear She's 19

09. Still Knee Deep

MP310. Late At Night

11. I Won't Complain Today

12. Seven


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Ten Foot Pole

True to it’s well-deserved status as a great, consistent punk band, Ten Foot Pole delivers 12 more songs packed with shredding guitars, frenzied beats, sensitive, timely lyrics and memorable melodies that evoke Bad Religion and early Offspring.


No: #86552

US Rel. Date: 01/26/1999

EU Rel. Date: 01/12/1999

Type: Full


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