MP301. Conditioned

02. Pedestal

03. Against

04. Revolve

05. How Would I Know

06. Course For Destruction

07. Rumor Mill

08. Dr. Heckle

MP309. Let Down

10. Waste Of Time

11. Let's Do This

12. Greed Motivates

13. Brought This On

14. Regret

15. You Wouldn't Understand


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On Conditioned, Huntington Beach CA's Straightfaced have been able to excavate a hardcore sound filled with weaving sonic textures and a rhythm that borders on funk. This full sound set up against the unrelenting vocals of Johnny Miller creates a record that does not let up from the first track to the last. Straightfaced's strategy is simple: rip the audience to shreds with the heaviest sound possible while giving them something to think about and keep playing until someone makes you stop.


No: #86538

US Rel. Date: 07/28/1998

EU Rel. Date: 07/14/1998

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews
Ink 19 Zine

David Lee Beowulf

Excellent, timeless hardcore anthems that speak for generations of confused, disgusted and frustrated punks. "Against" says it all, "...Up against the...


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