01. Insane

02. Come to Pass

03. Loneliness

04. Aftermath

05. Tribute to the Jester

06. The Big If

07. Motherfucker

08. Catch Your Breath

09. Piece of Shit List

10. Balls

11. Scab on My Brain

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Rich Kids On LSD

On RKL's debut release on Epitaph from 1993, Bomber, the mad muso virtuoso behind the genius of RKL, shows off his vocal ability. These Cal-punkers were way ahead of their time, mixing punk rock with highly technical progressive metal that even had elements of fusion.


No: #86423

US Rel. Date: 05/07/1993

EU Rel. Date: 05/07/1993

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews
Aiding & Abetting

Jon Worley

Now that hardcore has gone from dead to trendy, it only makes sense that the Rich Kids on LSD would reform, if for no other reason than to score some...


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