01. Scab On My Brain

02. Hangover

03. Meltdown

MP304. Catch Your Breath

05. Seein' You

06. Lay Your Weapons Down

07. Coming Home

08. Sargasm

09. Break The Camels Back

10. Blocked Out

11. Tribute To The Jester

12. Rock N' Roll Nightmare

13. Alone Inside

14. One Light, One Mind

15. Find A Way


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Rock N' Roll Nightmare
Rich Kids On LSD

Fast metallic virtuoso pop punk from Santa Barbara, RKL takes their sarcasm very seriously. On Rock N'Roll Nightmare, RKL delivers an album of irreverent songs, blaming every track on society!


No: #86426

US Rel. Date: 05/05/1993

EU Rel. Date: 05/05/1993

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews


One of my favourite punk albums of the 80s is finally reissued again, and now it can be bought on CD. When this was released on Alchemy in 1987 I played...


User Comments

Average Fan Rating: 5.00




You calling this pop punk really offends me. THis is a bout the farthest thing from "Well I guess this growing up" "dont wanna be an american idiot" or any of those shitty songs. RKL is crying in their graves I bet. Anyways try to get the Original pressing an Alchemy Records.RKL is the shit NOFX is a sad knockoff



in fat mike's list of the 5 most important records for him
not necessary to say more

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