01. Maxwell Murder

02. The 11th Hour

03. Roots Radicals

04. Time Bomb

05. Olympia WA

06. Lock, Step & Gone

07. Junkie Man

08. Listed M.I.A.

09. Ruby Soho

10. Daly City Train

11. Journey To The End Of The East Bay

12. She's Automatic

13. Old Friend

14. Disorder And Disarray

15. The Wars End

16. You Don't Care Nothin'

17. As Wicked

18. Avenues & Alleyways

19. The Way I Feel


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...And Out Come The Wolves

The landmark 1995 record that at once invoked and transcended the punk rock genre, cementing Rancid's place forever as one of the great rock bands of all time. ...And Out Come the Wolves combines Dylanesque portrayals of down-and-out streetlife and personal experience with tunefully concise, dynamic songwriting to create an enduring body of work that grows better with each listen and every passing year. Styles range from the recklessly belligerent punk rock rampage of Maxwell Murder (featuring a mind-numbing Matt Freeman bass solo), to the masterful pop craftsmanship of "Ruby Soho" and the fully realized punk/ska hybrid of "Time Bomb" (a sound that Armstrong and Freeman pioneered in their first band Operation Ivy). Produced by Jerry Finn and mixed by Andy Wallace this record is deservedly among the most influential and successful of it's time.


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No: #86444

US Rel. Date: 08/22/1995

EU Rel. Date: 08/22/1995

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews
Maximum Rock N Roll


...this is an awesome record in a punk rock way. The thrashers are gone as these guys go straight for that classic Brit sound. I'm talking Clash, Blitz,...


Rolling Stone


Rancid is a blitzkrieg of unabashed hardcore. Guitarist Tim Armstrong and Lars Frederiksen, bassist Matt Freeman and drummer Brett Reed churn out enough...


User Comments

Average Fan Rating: 4.87




my favourite album featuring my favourite bass player with a hint of reggae thrown in for good measure, what could go wrong? nothing at all.



This album got me into Rancid, and into bass. Matt Freeman is so original and talented. These guys have lived it and now they're telling us. Sure theres a touch of the Clash on a few songs (The 11th Hour and Lock,Step & Gone) but what s wrong with that, the Clash are legends in their own right. Tracks like Roots Radicals, As Wicked and Maxwell Murder really portray Rancid and one of the greatest punk bands this world has to offer.

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