01. How It's Done

02. River City

MP303. Over You

04. Way Out

05. Come Where The Flavor Is

06. Deadly Eye

MP307. Better Be Women

08. I Want You To Die

09. Johnny On The Spot

10. Accelerator

11. Act Like You Know

12. Production Value


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Come Clean
The Dwarves

Come Clean is a fairly radical departure for the Dwarves, combining catchy, garagey punk-pop tunes with jackhammer electronic beats that recall industrial-metal bands like Ministry, or the hardcore techno of Atari Teenage Riot. It's an odd, striking fusion, and parts of it actually work surprisingly well; plus, it's an interesting listen even when the juxtaposition seems a little forced. But just as importantly, the Dwarves have written songs that feature a batch of pretty memorable hooks, which helps make Come Clean one of their most intriguing albums.
-Steve Huey


No: #86575

US Rel. Date: 03/07/2000

EU Rel. Date: 02/22/2000

Type: Full


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Cris Gorman

"With "Come Clean", the Dwarves have released their best album since 1990's "Blood, Guts and Pussy". For whatever reason, they have added an electronic...


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