01. Can I Borrow Some Ambition? - Guttermout

02. Come With Me - Deviates

03. Bath Of Least Resistance - NOFX

04. Blackeye - Millencolin

05. Jack Of All Trades - Hot Water Music

06. True Believers - The Bouncing Souls

07. We're Desperate - Pennywise

08. Strangled - Osker

09. It's Quite Alright - Rancid

10. Holding 60 Dollars On A Burning Bridge - Death By Stereo

11. The Gauntlet - Dropkick Murphys

12. Original Me - Descendents

13. Runaway - Pulley

14. She Broke My Dick - All

15. Different But The Same - Raised Fist

16. Pure Trauma - Downset

17. Let Me In - Beatsteaks

18. Innocence - Union 13

MP319. I Want To Conquer The World - Bad Religion

MP320. Only Lovers Left Alive - The (International) Noise Conspiracy

21. Say Goodnight - Voodoo Glow Skulls

22. Tonight I'm Burning - Bombshell Rocks

23. Takers And Users - The Business


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Punk-O-Rama Vol. 6

"Punk O' Rama 6, 2001" has 23 tracks, 5 of which are unreleased material from some of Epitaph's biggest names including Descendents, Millencolin, NOFX and a Pennywise cover of the X classic 'We're Desperate' featuring a duet with Jim Lindberg and X's Exene Cervanka. Punk-O-Rama has always been the premiere punk compilation; this one just happens to push the mark even higher!


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No: #86615

US Rel. Date: 06/05/2001

EU Rel. Date: 05/22/2001

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews
In Music We Trust e-Zine

Alex Steininger

Epitaph's classic label sampler, Punk O Rama, the best way to hear your favorite Epitaph bands and expose yourself to new signings that you may be unaware...


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Average Fan Rating: 5.00




track listing on back

ive been searching online to find the back track listing with the monkey in combat boots.. does anyone know where i might be able to find the image. i lost my jewel case to my vol.6 and i wanted to print the back



punk-o-rama no more

this one is one of my favorites. and after buying the last punk-o-rama, i'm not sure how the "punk" got in there. yeah there were a couple of punk songs, but not enough to call it a "punk-O-rama". maybe the next one should be epitaph-o-rama. or demographics-o-rama. there's just not enough punk in the world anymore, and it's sad. i love punk. but i guess that's why hell-cat exists.

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