01. In Search

02. Hooray For Me

03. History

MP304. Fuel

05. Empty

06. Long Lost Trip

07. Touched

08. Runaway

MP309. The Ocean Song

10. Destiny 30 Sec.

11. Leather Face

12. Sick Feeling

13. Silence


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Together Again For The First Time

From the opening riff, it's obvious the listener is in for one hell of a ride. It's been two years since Pulley's last album, and in the interim guitarist Jim has departed, thus the title Together Again for the First Time. But being reduced to a quartet has not diminished the band's sound in the least; in fact, Pulley sounds stronger and tighter than ever. The album is packed with a baker's dozen of tracks that crackle with energy, and the production (by Ryan Greene and the band itself) captures the excitement of its stageshow and pulls it directly into the studio. A non-stop barrage of blistering tracks, all clocking in at just over two minutes, this is Pulley at its most frenetic.
-Jo-Ann Greene


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No: #86619

US Rel. Date: 10/09/2001

EU Rel. Date: 09/25/2001

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews
The Aquarian Weekly

Brian Luff

I think I will get a few "Hell Yeahs!" when I say that Pulley are one of the most underrated bands out there. Continuing on from his early days in Ten...


Modern Fix Magazine

Kelli Skye Fadroski

What's with the cover of this album? Dogs sniffing butts? As far as I can tell, the album is so much more than just butt sniffing, more like another...


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Great, not as good as...

Great album. many Very Very good songs. but it has some that are pretty mediocore, i give it a 4/5. not as good as @#!"

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