01. Working Class

02. Whore

03. Soberbeah

04. Pie

05. Gone

06. Over It

MP307. Darkside

08. Nothing To Lose

09. Second Best

10. Just For Me

11. Dog's Life

12. Sick

13. Intro-Outro


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The members of Pulley spent more time together in the studio crafting their third album than any of their previous records, and it shows --- Pulley is their tightest, hardest-hitting album yet. There is little of the jokey, throwaway humor that popped up on their debut; nearly all the lyrics deal with the sort of inward-looking angst that punk-influenced bands like Husker Du and Nirvana popularized. Even if there can be a certain sameness to some of the melodic progressions, Pulley overall is a workmanlike effort from seasoned veterans who have learned how to work together and have been making this sort of music for a long time.
-Steve Huey


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No: #86554

US Rel. Date: 03/23/1999

EU Rel. Date: 03/09/1999

Type: Full


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Skratch Magazine


Pulley's self titled third album is rich with themes of anger, frustration, and the desire to just fuck it all. the eleven track album was produced by...


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Average Fan Rating: 5.00




favorite pulley cd

first cd with tyler in the band and last with jordan and jim, i guess they saved the best for last, i cant even pick a favsong on this cause there all sooo good, i'd give it a 6 outta 5 if i could.



Nothing New, But No-One...

There's nothing particularly unique about Pulley,yet the tracks on this album can evoke a smile or strike an angst-ridden cord in anyone & sometimes that's all you really want from a punk band.Let Bad Religion do the intellectual/muscial genius thing & NOFX be devastatingly witty,Pulley is neither, but they don't pretend to be.This isn't one of those classic genre-defining punk albums,but it's where Pulley arguably attain their sound & if you only ever buy one Pulley album, make this it




Great Album 5/5. Every song is good. Get it.



Sick Album

This is a nasty cd. That's all i have to say other than the song on here is Nothing to Lose not Darkside

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