MP301. Patience

02. Strangled

03. Animal

04. Contention

05. Motionless

06. Piece by Piece

07. The Body

MP308. Kinetic

09. The Mistakes You Make

10. Out of Touch

11. Back to You

12. Disconnect, Disconnect

13. Going on the Instincts

14. Anchor


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Idle Will Kill

Bringing an all new sound to the punk scene, Osker apologizes for nothing and says just about everything. Emotion drips from this album and the band's sheer musical and compositional talent is fully evident. Above all, "Idle Will Kill" represent two things: truth and talent. Guided by astonishingly diverse and accomplished songwriting, "Idle Will Kill" solidifies Osker's intention not to fit the mold of being just another punk (or anything else for that matter) band. Front-man Devon Williams puts it simply: "There are no extremes on 'Idle Will Kill,' just pure sincerity."


No: #86604

US Rel. Date: 06/05/2001

EU Rel. Date: 05/22/2001

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews


Though Osker sticks to the same style as on its previous album, with rowdy guitars and Devon Williams' sputtering, desperate delivery, the band makes...


Kerrang Magazine


This is a wonderful record. Punk rock but never predictably so, OSKER, young and inventive, are almost everything a modern band of this kind should...


User Comments

Average Fan Rating: 5.00




Teen Angst At Its Musical...

Idle Will Kill reeks of teenage existential angst,but that's the main source of their charm.This album captures the essence of what makes punk music great - being vulnerable, honest and fiery all at the same time.Osker's refusal to be anything other than themselves, even if that often entails sacrificing vocal quality for full emotional expression, is what makes this album so appealing. it's just such a shame that this young, talented band did not enjoy the success they so completely deserve

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