01. I Cannot

02. Useless

03. Dying

MP304. Ballad Of A Traitor

05. Alright

06. Panic

07. Life Sucks

08. Stop The Bus

09. 13

10. Lucky

11. Numbskull

MP312. Two Faced

13. Fuck Me

14. Someday

15. Falling Apart

16. Shitface

17. Radio


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Treatment 5

Confrontational live shows and the 18 snotty and irreverent tracks on Treatment 5 helped earn LA pop punk teen dreams Osker the title of "most hated band on Epitaph." Like Green Day on puberty, bratty cuts like "Shitface," (about phonies who put you down and later try to be your best friend) and "I Cannot" ("I can't do anything at all") identify with how f*cking hard it is to be a teenager, while the deep genius of frontman Devon Williams comes through on poetic tracks like "13."


No: #86548

US Rel. Date: 02/08/2000

EU Rel. Date: 01/25/2000

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews
Winnipeg Sun Newspaper


Angst, idealism, self-loathing, confusion, hatred and raging hormones - if there's any music that mirrors teenage life better than old-school punk rock,...


206 Records Magazine


Scratchy vocals, galloping drums, grinding guitars and pounding bass. Ahh...this is good, real good. Apparently the singer is fresh out of high school...


User Comments

Average Fan Rating: 5.00




The first thing I noticed when I heard this record is that the song Two Faced ripped off the same two chords as the Bad Religion song 1000 More Fools...but even though...the record rules...

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