MP301. Jennifer Lost the War

02. Elders

03. Out on Patrol

04. Crossroads

05. Demons

06. Beheaded

07. Tehran

MP308. A Thousand Days

09. Black Ball

10. I'll Be Waiting

11. Kill the President


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11/05/2007Come Out And Play

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The Offspring
The Offspring

To most people, The Offspring are best known as the purveyors of the punk/metal/pop rock sound contained in Smash, their most commercially successful album. However, there is a decidedly traditional punk side to their music, a side that can be seen most clearly in this, their self-titled debut.
Produced by punk stalwart Thom Wilson, this record captures The Offspring at their best - raw and raunchy, with a well-defined political awareness. The guitars screech more than thunder, the drums rattle instead of pound, and Dexter Holland's vocals threaten rather than growl. That said, it is not hard to see why mainstream success passed by the band early on. This album undoubtedly lacks the commercial sheen of later releases, but that does not necessarily make it bad. In fact, if you are a devout punk rocker and dislike some of the music in Smash, then this may be the right album for you.
Standout tracks include: Jennifer Lost the War, Crossroads, Beheaded, Tehran, and Kill the President --c...



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No: #86460

US Rel. Date: 10/01/1995

EU Rel. Date: 09/18/1995

Type: Full


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Average Fan Rating: 4.00




Not Thier Best Work

This is not offsprings best work, but it is still decent. This album has a couple good songs and the rest are mediocore. I would not reccommend buying this album of offspring. I think this is the worst album they made, but its still decent. rated 3/5.

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