MP301. Point A To Point Blank

MP302. Automatic Teller

03. End Of The Great Credibility Race

04. Too Much

05. Killer's Kiss

06. Continental Cats

07. Spanish Fly By Night

MP308. The Roof

09. Your Beaten Heart

10. Turning Tricks

11. Wine & Depression

12. Quarter To Four

13. Untitled Bonus Track


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Nightmare Scenario
New Bomb Turks

Back in 1990 the New Bomb Turks got together as four Ohio State University Students who just wanted to rock. 10 years, 5 albums, countless singles and hundred, perhaps thousands of shows later, they are continuing to assault us. Nightmare Scenario is a 12 song blast in the Turks' four chord rustbelt Americana punk rock 'n roll R &B style.


No: #86561

US Rel. Date: 04/25/2000

EU Rel. Date: 04/11/2000

Type: Full


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Lethal Injection Online Zine


I don't know of much that comes out of Ohio. Even a friend who grew up there admitted "Nothing's come out of Ohio except the New Bomb Turks." With the...


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