MP301. Hammerless Nail

02. Bachelor's High

03. Professional Againster

04. Cultural Elite Sign-Up Sheet

05. Jukebox Lean

06. Jeers Of A Clown

07. Look Alive Jive

08. Starting Down The Gift Horse

MP309. Shoot The Offshoot

10. Drop What You're Doin'

11. Telephone Numbrrr

12. Wrest Your Hands


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Scared Straight
New Bomb Turks

Dubbed by England's NME magazine as a "masterpiece," Scared Straight is a collection of supersonic, ass shaking songs by Ohio grease rockers, the New Bomb Turks. An overdriving collection of negative vibes and primordial screams to give your neighbors one more reason to hate you!


No: #86479

US Rel. Date: 08/20/1996

EU Rel. Date: 08/06/1996

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews


Except for their reputation, I knew nothing of the Turks before hearing this album. I can't compare it to earlier recordings. But I love this album. It's...


Nasty's Punk Chunx


This is a great CD, from a great band! N.B.T. are from Ohio, and they're been around since 1990. Their sound is far from being typical of most modern...


User Comments

Average Fan Rating: 5.00




shoot me

why can t I buy this cd!!!!
epitaph best kept secret
shoot the offshoot simply awesome

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