01. We're Back

02. Say Goodnight

MP303. The Drop In

04. Musical Therapy

05. Silencer

06. Orlando's Not Here

07. The Devil Made Me Do It

MP308. El Mas Chingon

09. Last Party

10. Casa Blanca

11. San Bernardino

12. Casa Blanca

13. Cancion De Mala Suerte


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Voodoo Glowskulls

Returning with their fifth studio release Symbolic, the Voodoo Glow Skulls are as wry and humorously cynical as they ever were, and the gnarl remains the same.
Being signed to Epitaph also allows the band to fully disregard corporate rock & roll norms and go head on with their raw ska-punk hybrid. Symbolic does however offer a little twist in direction. The Voodoos slow things down a little, especially on tracks such as the murky "The Devil Made Me Do It." The creative change is brief, but perhaps a little hard to digest for the die-hard punkers who grab at punk's throbbing excitement. However, the band does keep it real with their typical revved jauntiness on "Silencer" and "Last Party," complete with jogging thrash. The Voodoo Glow Skulls are confident enough to let things fly where they fly, and brash enough to identify with the honesty and truth backing the original threads of first wave ska-punk.
-MacKenzie Wilson


No: #86582

US Rel. Date: 09/12/2000

EU Rel. Date: 08/29/2000

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews
Rockpile Magazine

Kevin Wheeler

Like a famished lion leaping at a drugged paraplegic, The Voodoo Glow Skulls takes no prisoners from the start of "Symbolic." "Better be prepared for...


Heckler Magazine

Amber Wisley

Fans will definitely not be disappointed by VGS's newest effort, and it is sure to attract new listeners. The music stays true to their style, by retaining...


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