MP301. Tony Adams

02. Sandpaper Blues

03. X-Ray Style

04. Techno D-Day

05. Road to Rock N' Roll

06. Nitcomb

07. Diggin the New

08. Forbidden City

MP309. Yalla, Yalla

10. Willesden to Cricklewood


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Rock Art And The X-Ray Style
Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros

As the front man, writer and motivating force behind The Clash -- the most influential, expansive and enduring band to come out of the early British punk rock explosion -- Joe Strummer became an influence impossible to surpass. In the fifteen years since the disbanding of The Clash, Strummer has continued to uphold his creative status by looking forward, living on his musical wits and drawing influence from diverse sources, while staying true to his personal and political beliefs
On his Hellcat debut, Strummer and his Mescaleros have created ten soulfully crafted and cleverly arranged tracks. Covering a wide variety of material, they perfectly incorporate dub, hip-hop, salsa and rockabilly, all of which are awash with the trademark of Strummer's disarming vocals.


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No: #80424

US Rel. Date: 11/02/1999

EU Rel. Date: 10/19/1999

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews
Rolling Stone Magazine

Matt Diehl

Avoiding the Clash's three-chord monte, Strummer shifts evocatively from the Afropop spice of "Sandpaper Blues" to the dub-wise electronica and Middle...


New Music Magazine

Chris Nickson

There's a certain symmetry in Rancid's label signing Joe Strummer: He is, after all, one of their musical heroes. But if you're expecting a Clash redux...


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Strummer is a legend.

A great album, really brilliant. Yalla Yalla is my favourite track, but every song is good... this is definately an album that should be in any music fan's collection.

Joe Strummer, RIP. A true legend.

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