01. Maybe Tomorrow

02. Passed Me By

MP303. Stumble and Stare

04. Top of the World

05. Ordinary Fight

06. Look Inside

07. The Signs

08. Nailed to the Floor

09. Time

10. The Bottom

MP311. Lessons to be Learned

12. Ideals

13. Utopia

14. All By Yourself


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I Against I

The first European band to be signed to Epitaph, I Against I hail from a small town in Holland, where, bored and frustrated, they found inspiration in a Dead Kennedy's record. Not long after, they were opening shows for bands such as Pennnywise and Down By Law. A combustion of loud, guitar-driven rebellious tunes, Headcleaner was produced by Bill Stevenson and Stephen Egerton of Descendents/All fame.


No: #86525

US Rel. Date: 08/22/1998

EU Rel. Date: 08/15/1998

Type: Full


Editorial Reviews
Instant Zine

Doug Cooper

In case anyone is wondering, yes, this band is named after a Bad Brains song. Surprisingly, this fine band comes out of Holland. I say surprisingly...


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smash it up dude...

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