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2798 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026
Phone: 213-355-5000


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Hilary Okun


Jon Strickland
Melissa Cohen


Matt McGreevey


Adam LaRue

Tour Marketing

Felicia Risolo

Epitaph Publicity

Christine Morales

Tour Publicity

Michele Stephens

Music Licensing

Hector Martinez

Radio Promotions - Anti

Krystal Pistol

Radio Promotions - Epitaph

Brett Greenberg

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Veronica Reynolds



Studio Korte Leidse, Korte Leidse Dwarstraat 12 / Unit 211, 1017 RC Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (20) 550-3838

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366 Adelaide Street East, Suite 432, Toronto, Ontario M5A 3X9, Canada
Phone: +1 (416) 868-4848

Canadian Publicity

Tonni Maruyama

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most common questions we've been asked as of late. If you do not find the answer to your question, please don't hesitate to send us your question. This page will be updated regularly, so keep checking back.

01. Are you hiring?

Visit our job board at to see any open positions.

02. Why can't I comment on news articles and albums anymore?

You can, though now you have to create a membership account before being able to post comments.

03. Do you accept demos?

Epitaph gladly accepts demos. We have a submission system in place for you to get your music to us in the most direct way possible. Click here for more information on submitting your demo to us.

04. How do I contact Epitaph?

On the left-hand side of this page, you will find all necessary contact information for Epitaph. Please use these phone numbers and e-mail addresses to get in touch with us.

05. What's the story behind Epitaph?

Epitaph Records is an independent music label founded in Los Angeles by Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz. Early releases from a variety of punk heavyweights spawned what became known as the 90s punk explosion.

Along the way Epitaph proudly launched its sister label ANTI-, representing unique and distinguished acts. From the beginning Epitaph’s mission has been to serve the musicians on its diverse and creative roster - an artist-first model, radical twenty years ago, and much imitated today.

06. How do I get the PSP videos onto my PSP?

Once you download a PSP video, the file is automatically given a suitable name format for use on your PSP.

You must then move the file to the appropriate media directory on your PSP (usually titled "MP_ROOT"). This can be done by using any PSP media management software or by exploring your PSP through your computer operating system.

Once the video file is in the correct directory, it will appear as a playable video file on your PSP game deck.

07. Where can I find band photos and other press materials?

You can find band photos, .PDF files, logos and all other press materials in both the Press Kits and Goodies sections of the website.

08. Who designed the new

The latest version of was created by Cuban Council, including design, development and Flash production. The audio player and the header heat particle system for the site were created by Branden Hall and Joshua Davis. Additional development support was also provided by Mark Armendariz.

09. Did the Epitaph logo change? Who's responsible for that?

Yes, it most certainly did. A little bolder, huh? Dave Kinsey @ BLK/MRKT or Kinseyvisual was brought in to rebuild the Epitaph Identity System.

10. Does Epitaph provide any sort of RSS feeds?

Yes, we have RSS feeds for both recent news and a weekly glance of tour dates. You can find these feeds at the following locations...

Epitaph News RSS Feed
Epitaph Tours RSS Feed