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Dennis Sluijk

Warehouse Manager (Epitaph Europe)
01. How long have you been at Epitaph?

Almost for 9 years now

02. Who are your favorite bands/DJ's?

The Frames, Alamo Race Track, Bad Religion, Matchbook Romance, Refused, Mr. Oizo, Thomas Krome, Dave Clarke, Captain Tinrib

03. What are your favorite movies?

Urotsukidoji, Hokuto No Ken, Hellraiser, Final Fantasy VII – Advent Children, Lord Of The Rings, Triangle, 1408, The Matrix, Trainspotting, Requim For A Dream

04. What was your first major concert?

Turbonegro, Paradiso, NL

05. Quote to live by

Try… fail… try again… fail even harder – Glen Hansard


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