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Chantal Neeten

Promotion Manager (Epitaph Europe)
01. How long have you been at Epitaph?

For almost 14 years now. Started part-time, doing basically everything people needed help with. Worked at the mailroom, at the reception, called record shops throughout the whole of Europe if they needed any more promo materials, managed the press clippings section (very old school ‘real’ cut and paste work back in the days). You name it, I did it.

02. What do you do now?

I’m a promotion manager now, coordinating all print/online press, radio/TV and tour promotion for in the European territories.

03. Where are you from?

I’m from a tiny town in the south of The Netherlands. If I speak the dialect from my hometown, people think I’m German!

04. Best show you've ever seen?

I’ve seen so many shows, it’s hard to pick. But the most impressive one was definitely Tom Waits in The Hague / Statenhal in 1999. Goosebumps for 2 hours!

05. Favorite dinosaur?

Plastic Rexie. He lives next to my computer here at the office, giving me a happy face every day!


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