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Karl Hensel

President of Kings Road Merch
01. How long have you been at Epitaph?

Since July 2009.

02. What do you do?

I play Deadguy at loud volumes really early in the morning. And I'm responsible for Kings Road Merch.

03. Where are you from?

Minnesota, land of the cold air, or north of Broadway and the Quarry. I grew up very close to places in a lot of Hold Steady and Atmosphere lyrics.

04. First major concert?

Pantera in 1994. Unhinged white trash violence.

05. Favorite movies?

War movies are usually a safe bet. If you think about it, Lord Of The Rings was a war movie.

06. How good is Poison Idea's "Feel The Darkness"?

Very good, thank you for asking.

07. How underrated is Poison Idea's "Feel The Darkness"?

Very underrated, thank you for asking.

08. Pancakes or waffles?

Pancakes. Waffles are mostly air and rarely fill me up.

09. When you see the results of successful face transplants, do you ever wonder what unsuccessful ones look like?

All the time.


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