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Melody Margarit

Production Coordinator & Inventory Manager
01. Favorite Food?

Avocado and cereal….but not together…yikes!

02. How long at Epitaph?

Started interning August of 08, employed as of October 2009!

03. What do you actually do?

I buy shit! I re-order our entire music/DVD catalog to make sure that the shelves are nice and stocked. I also place all band orders so that they have lots of music and merch to sell to YOU at their shows. I also help with King’s Road Merch duties (shipping out band merch orders, and keeping tabs that they get what they ordered!)

04. Where are you from?

Live and die in LA.

05. Currently listening to?

• Rise Against
• Off With Their Heads
• Them Crooked Vultures
• Joe Strummer
• RX Bandits

06. What do you do for fun?

Go to shows (duhhh), listen to music, getting big into art and photography, travel, meet new people, try new things!


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