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John Burrescia

Mechanical Licensing and Royalties
01. How long at Epitaph?

I interned for a year and a half. Now, in-turn, I'm official!

02. What do you do?

Call NPR's Car-Talk about mechanicals, rub elbows with royalties, handle publishing stuff, make snarky remarks…

03. How can you be contacted?

* Smoke Signals
* JohnB@epitaph.com
* Spirit Visions
* Aim: JohnTaph

04. First major concert?

3eb & DHC. 00dlz of br00talz d00d!

05. Put Yo Hood Up?

I'm from Livermore CA, we have 30+ wineries on the same road as a nuclear weapons development lab... I wouldn't call me out on saying hella' if I were you...

06. Always listening to:

speed metal & skate punk


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