01. How long at Epitaph?


02. Place of Birth?

San Fernando Valley, CA

03. First Concert?

The Pointer Sisters when I was about 5

04. Favorite Bands/ Music?

Most importantly: Phish & WEEN, Reggae Reggae Reggae, punkrock and a ton of stuff that came out between 1964-1974, the list goes on.

05. Things I like:

• record collecting
• Japanese gore comedy films
• Theremin’s
• DJ nights at dive bars
• afro-funk
• collecting junk
• religious art
• medieval weapons
• Elvis memorabilia
• ice cream
• avocados
• summer tour
• following the same bands I love around night after night and city to city.

06. Best Advice?

Stop eating foods that have ingredients you can't pronounce, read package labels, buy Organic and shop locally!


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