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Office Canine
01. Where are you from?

From the streets of South Pasadena, repping the 626

02. Who is in your pack?

Brett, Gina, Frida, Max, and Penny

03. What's the best thing about being a dog?

Eating everything, getting on the bed when Brett & Gina are away, and knowing how to swim better than my stupid sister Penny

04. What's the worst part of being a dog?

Having a bum knee, breaking canine teeth, not being able to kill the annoying dogs next door

05. Favorite place at Epitaph?

Anywhere, as long as I can have my nose up Mosel's bum

06. Favorite Epitaph band?

Either Motion City Soundtrack, because they don't mind when you jump on their heads at 6am, or Matchbook Romance, cuz they like to cuddle.


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