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Barry Reynolds

Accounting Overlord / Controller
01. How long at Epitaph?

15 years

02. What do you do?

I run the accounting department at Epitaph

03. Where are you from?

Kansas - I got out before the intelligent design crap started...

04. Best rock show you've ever seen?

Mr. Show premiere party featuring Superchunk and Yo La Tengo at the El Rey in 1998!

05. What is your favorite Superchunk song?

“Skip Steps One and Three”

06. Best movie ever?

Donnie Darko

07. Turn-ons?

• Solar-powered ten-keys
• Smooth operating staplers
• Scotch Rickeys

08. Turn-offs?

• Late-paying distributors
• Rude vendors
• Surely craps dealers at the Casino Royale in Las Vegas
• No salary cap for MLB

09. In two words, how would you describe your basketball game?

“Crafty Lefty”

10. Who is your current favorite Kansas City Royal?

Alex Gordon

11. Bonus Question: Who’s the best dog in the world with the worst legs?

Mabel (pictured below)


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