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Sue Lucarelli

Executive Asst.
01. How long at Epitaph

for roughly 8 years.

02. What do you actually do?

I'm Brett's assistant. I help him out with A&R and administrative duties.

I help with the signing of bands. :)

03. Where are you from?

New Jersey - East Coast ...f...u...!!!

04. What are you listening to lately?

* Bad Religion
* Fall Out Boy
* Saves The Day
* Motion City Soundtrack
* Farewell
* Something Corporate
* All Time Low
* The Higher
* A Day To Remember
* Bayside
* The Sleeping
* NeverShoutNever
* Vanna

05. Best show you've ever seen?

N'Sync - No Strings Attached Tour - now that's punk!

06. Pet peeves?

Oh god I loathe poking. I don't mind if other people poke each other, just don't poke me :)

07. Favorite movies?

* Swingers
* Seven
* American History X
* Anchorman
* Old School
* Anything featuring Kevin Costner/Dennis Quaid/Alan Rickman :)

08. Facebook?

Why yes!
You can find me here: http://www.facebook.com/people/Sue-Lucarelli/10501938
Chat with me about music.


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